Welcome to Wynwood
a beautifully unique experience

For individuals looking to move to Miami but not necessarily set up shop right on the beach, Wynwood offers an exceptional collection of sights and sounds for all walks of life. It is located just north of Downtown Miami and is split up in two two smaller districts. Both are exceptional for individuals looking for a more electric and themed area of Miami.

In the northern stretches of Wynwood there is the art district. Whether looking for local art, art produced by Latin American immigrants or a variation of designs, this is the place for them. To the south and west, along 5th Avenue, is the fashion district. The neighborhood is effectively divided between I-195, which makes it easy to distinctively compare the two sub districts to one another.

The neighborhood is more than just an art and fashion haven. It is also a community known as Little San Juan, thanks to the large population of Puerto Ricans who have moved into the region. This has brought about a considerable amount of Puerto Rican restaurants and stores selling goods from the island and other islands throughout the Atlantic Ocean.

There is an ever growing business market in Wynwood, which makes it a fantastic location for up and coming businesses. There is already a strong presence for some larger companies, including the Miami New Times. Those looking to open up boutiques will feel right at home here as a large number of art studios and galleries can be found in the downtown streets of the district. It is what helps separate it from other areas of the city.

The housing prices is also less expensive here than in the main downtown hub, so for potential residents who want a vibrant culture and less expensive version of downtown or South Beach, this is it.