Wynwood South, Florida, Miami, is also known as “Little San Juan” or “So Barrio”. The majority of Wynwood businesses are of Puerto Rican ownership. Recently, over the last five years, there is seen a great growth for increased investments and new business development. There is seen a great revitalization of many abandoned buildings. Investors stepped in and refurbished these building and artists now occupy a good many of them in the area.

Superior and amazing steer art lines the city. The graffiti that surrounds this small city is fast becoming a Mecca for growth, thanks to the great numbers of artists came world over to change the graffiti into an amazing wall of art surrounding the city.

Art and fashion industries are quickly claiming Wynwood with new industries in textiles and developing the city into a trending and awesome new fashion district.

This new and amazing trendy hub for the arts claims 70 galleries, numerous museums and splendid collections of art. The inspiration of Wynwood comes from the people drawn to this city, the graphic designers, and new brands by creative and commercial sources.

It is no surprise that the demographics of Wynwood have changed over the last five years to include an upswing, many improvements and a popular vacation destination and relocation for more residents with like minds include a few of the following over the last five years.

  • Total residents 43,410
  • Median age 34-years
  • White collar workers 5,921
  • Blue collar workers 3,603
  • Married households 5,956
  • Never married 13,844
  • Divorced 3,069
  • Widowed 1,282
  • Separated 4,033
  • At last, survey no more than five years ago, male residents totaled about 21,474 and female residents totaled 21,937. This represented nearly an 8.5 percent increase.
  • Education standards in this part of Florida over the last five years are as follows.
  • No high school 4,750
  • Residents with some high school 5,290
  • Residents with some college credits earned 3,663
  • Residents who earned an associated degree 1,596
  • Residents with bachelor’s degree 2,419
  • Residents with a graduates degree 1,084
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The average income per household is $30,735. The average net worth for homes is $221,500. Home for sale in Wynwood average $75,000. The average household expenditure is $32,261. Incomes per age ranges found to be $21,440 for ages 25-years and below, ages 25-years to 44-years $31,300. AGEZ 45-years to 64-years represented $22,679, and $20,319 for those resident 65-years and above.

Temperatures average in this area of Florida average in the highs of 88 degrees during July. The average lows run 61 degrees in January.

Wynwood, Florida is fast becoming a city where more people want to live work and enjoy live to its fullest.

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