Located just south of the notorious design district, the recently revamped Wynwood District (also known as the Wynwood art district) is a former working-class area that has been refurbished into one of the newest, and trendiest areas in Miami.

The nightlife in Wynwood is highly unlike any other. With an array of galleries, studios, clubs, bars, and other attractions, there is a bit of something for everyone in Wynwood. Offering 6 dozen exhibit spaces, you can literally spend your entire stay lost in a proverbial sea of artwork and other exhibits. Under the direction of the new Wynwood Art District Association, which was founded in 2003, the area is the home base of 70 galleries and over 12 art studios.

The Wynwood Walls were created in 2009 by the late Tony Goldman as an effort to boost the area’s pedestrian potential, years later, it seems to have worked like a charm. The walls have brought an incredible sense of notoriety to the area, making it one of the most visited places in an area already well-known for drawing in celebratory celebrities and tourists alike.

Indeed, given that the walls have been given national/ international coverage on networks such as the New York Times and BBC, as well as being featured in a documentary called “Here Comes the Neighborhood”, the walls have even been expanded to include walls outside of the neighborhood, and even includes artwork that covers entire buildings.

Home of a collection of the most eclectic nightlife attractions in the area, Wynwood offers a wide variety of nightclubs, bars, and other venues in which you can dance, laugh, sing, or just sit and enjoy the night away. What’s more, widely revered for its massive, beautiful street art murals, there is always a magnificent backdrop for which to study or snap a few selfies in front of.

Featuring some cutting edge businesses, Wynwood nightlife also offers a series of venues such as health food bars, taverns for wine enthusiasts, places to view the awesome artwork as well as a few good drinks, places to hear live music, Hookah bars, and much more. An awesome place to have a bachelor/ bachelorette party or a family excursion, you can get as wild or as keep it as tame as you’d like, in one of the most beautifully tropical and versatile locales in the United States.

You can throw a birthday party, set-up a photo shoot, or a mixture of both. Try something new! For your next vacation, visit Wynwood Miami and experience the new idea of a neighborhood!

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